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Unfortunately, this dream requires Land. But, it is precisely because we are denied access to Land, and that our labor and capital are taxed to enrich the very people who deny it that the American Dream has become a Nightmare. You can break free. But, as far as I can see it, you can't just "opt-out" whenever you want. You need a lot of time, a lot of work, and lot of money to buy even some freedom from this broken system. It's definitely worth it, though. I am very interested to see what you have cooked up.

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Your messages, and this one in particular, are truly resonating deeply with me. My whole life, I’ve known deep down in my core that this system we live in is a sham. Fraud at it’s highest level. I’ve worked, both physically and mentally, extremely hard. Taking risks and putting myself out there. Yet, I’m no different than anyone else trapped on this wheel. For me, I’m done. I too plan to swim far away from our current culture and rigged debt system. I’ve made a number of strides but I certainly need to develop a true Freedom Plan. Thank you for putting out all of the info that you have. We’ll keep watching as we all try and figure this new landscape out. I too think community support is the ticket.


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When I read there were more thirty-year-olds living with parents than not, I knew that a change was going to come. Things have gotten much worse since then.

Me, I saved my money then retired to Indonesia twenty years ago. Maybe that's cheating, but I think it's great. Many Russians coming here in the past five or so years and starting restaurants and so forth.

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I've been saying this for a very long time. Pretty much labeled negative by my peers who attack anyone who questions their delusions. If you are able to get folks to listen, I tip my hat to you good sir

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