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My name is Kemble. I’m a husband, father of two, Christian, off-grid systems designer and permaculture gardener. Welcome to the Acorn Land Lab substack.

Acorn Land Labs is a project focused on building blueprints for sustainable, independent homes that produce their own food, water, energy, shelter and sanitation. We’re looking ahead at some rough decades moving past the 2020s. Globalization is slowing and in some cases reversing, geopolitical strife is increasing, inflation is rising as the global financial systems decay, and quality of life for normal people is in the cross-hairs. This project aims to help people “opt-out” of failing centralized systems by using “off-grid” technologies and tools.


Opt-Out: Many western systems are in decline. Civic culture, big education, politics, infrastructure, the family unit, corporate workplaces, public discourse, and so on. This cycle of decline is very predictable, and is part of the historical rise and fall of empires. It’s really just human nature at work. Trying to salvage these declining systems is like draining the ocean with a bucket. I love America. I also recognize that it’s breaking down as a world order and nation. As one man, I owe the best I can give to my boys, my wife, and my local community. After much study and thought, I think “opting-out” of most modern American institutions is the best way to care for my family, and let this cycle run it’s course efficiently. I don’t align with a political party. As a family we are opting out of ‘big-food’, ‘big-pharma’, ‘big-business’, ‘big-tech’, ‘big-govt’, and anything else that’s gotten too big in general. So, what’s the best solution to opt-out?


Off-grid: We have lost our local communities. Our food, water, energy, shelter, and sanitation used to be handled at a local level. Caring for our needs locally used to help foster community, sustainability, resilience, family, and town pride. We have let big corporations, big government, car culture, consumerism, and personal comfort destroy our communities. Adopting off-grid methods of raising healthy food, harnessing local energy, capturing water, handling green sanitation, and building local shelter helps us to reset the fabric of our lives. Living with more off-grid systems allows us to be more independent, secure, build skills, rebuild community, and break the dependence we have on centralized entities like corporate America and big government. Permaculture, regenerative farming, family life, a return to small and independent schools, homeschooling, work from home, and self-government are the keys to resetting the values that make strong, sustainable & good communities.

It’s my belief that by opting-out of failing centralized systems we send a message, and we speed up the process of resetting the current cycle of decline. We have to hit bottom first, and we can’t stop the decline at this point.

It is also my belief that if concerned families adopt off-grid skills and systems, we can become sources of stability, education, and hope as we manage this season of decline. Decentralized systems and communities are much more resilient in challenging times.

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